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Sounds, samples, drum Packs and apparel you can trust is dedicated to giving beat makers more beat for their buck. We work for you to get more sounds, drum packs and samples for less by giving you the opportunity to grow your drum library according to drum sounds you really want. No more overpaying and only getting a few dsounds and samples that you like and a lot of what you don’t need. We are a team of beat makers and producers that know what its like to order sound packs for $30-$80 that includes 80-100  sounds, and walk away with about 20 sounds you can actually use. Thats why we cut straight to the chase with drum packs made up of 20 high quality sounds that will not go to waste. We priced these kits at only $3 so that you could build your sound library without breaking the bank.

Here at we make every purchase count and every sound pack work for you. Choose from some of the best samples and packs around. Already EQ’d, compressed and ready to go, these sound packs are strategically placed to spread your sonic ability across a wider spectrum. If your drums don’t sound great then neither will your track. In hip hop, drums are the backbone of your production. We understand this at and we are dedicated to helping and being a constant resource throughout your beat making and production process.

Don't keep buying those over processed drums that clip and will get you the evil eye from the engineer doing your mixing and mastering. There are a lot of drum packs and sounds out there that leave no room in the mix for creativity and sonic shaping that great engineers to  give you a superb final mix.

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