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Sounds, samples, drum packs and apparel

Its only right that continues to feed your hunger as a beat maker by giving you Hip hop drum packs, samples and sounds you need to continue to work and perfect your craft. In our hip hop sound shop you can choose from a variety of sample packs to make sure that your beats thump and knock the way you need them too. Choose from KIKS, SNARES, HI HATS, PERCUSSION and ASSORTED drum packs to fill your hip hop sound library to the max. 
We keep the prices low and the kits small so that you can buy exactly what you need instead of getting a whole lot of what you don't want. All drum packs come with 20 high quality 16bit WAV files ready to go straight out the box (or technically..ZIP folder). These kit's are set up and priced to build a relationship that will lead to beat making excellence.
What are you waiting for? It's time to bang out!